DaCapo Coffee

International flavors brewed up fresh by your neighbors

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We pay special attention to where our ingredients come from, how they’re put together, and who they’re served to. We care about every sip, every bite, and every smile.

Coffee & Beverages

The best ingredients, brewed to their ultimate potential.


Pastries & Cakes

Like grandma used to make (if grandma was a trained pastry chef.)

Soups & Sandwiches

Made fresh each day - build the perfect pair!

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Coffee Makes Math Fun!

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Address: 7370 Lewis Avenue, Suite B, Temperance, MI 48182
Phone: 734-224-7064
Email: info@DaCapoCoffee.com

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Drive-Thru Now Open!

Get your coffee without getting out of the car! Drive-Thru service available during all normal business hours.


Mon-Fri: 6AM – 8PM(ish)
Sat: 8AM – 8PM(ish)
Sun: 8AM – 7PM(ish)