Founders Dee and Mark Ellsworth, married for 26 years, established DaCapo Coffee to combine the things that they love most: community, art, music, cakes, pastries and exceptional coffee. DaCapo Coffee takes special pride in the way that we source our coffee. Every bean is fairly traded and selected for its flavor, roasted in small batches to perfection by a trusted local roaster and brewed fresh. We believe in keeping the local flavor strong and feature local works of art in the shop. That love for art extends to our artisian crafted soups, sandwiches, and pastries. Our scratch-baked scones, muffins, and cakes for all occasions are the perfec complement to our rich and flavorful coffees. We also specialize in bubble teas and offer a wide seletion of fruit teas, bursting bubbles and milk teas with boba. A coffee shop is only as strong as the community that supports it. DaCapo Coffee is proud to call Temperance home.

Dee Ellsworth

Dee Ellsworth, Owner & Co-Founder
Dee has deep roots in the community, having spent 20 years as the band director at Bedford Junior High School. Her smile and quick “Hello!” have greeted many customers and friends since DaCapo opened back in 2013.

Mark Ellsworth

Mark Ellsworth, Owner & Co-Founder
Mark is the guy behind the custom cakes and desserts that DaCapo is known for. A classically trained pastry chef, Mark has a culinary arts degree from Schoolcraft College.

Kim Shomo

Kim Shomo, Assistant Manager
“DaCapo is more than just a job for me… It’s a second home full of family and friends. Its something special when a community is so tight nit that we can all come together with a simple cup of coffee. Come in and experience it for yourself.”

Mackenzie Hutson, Barista
“I enjoy working at DaCapo because coffee is so multicultural and has a natural effect of bringing people together.”

Julie Rand, Barista
“I enjoy working at DaCapo because the people I work with make it incredibly fun. The customers are wonderful and the atmosphere is great. You can’t go wrong with DaCapo :)”

Riley Bodine, Barista
“I love working at DaCapo because it brings me joy to make other people happy.”

Roberta Miser, Barista
“Come join us – Best Coffee Ever.”

Allie Pete, Barista
“I love working at DaCapo because of the friendly environment and my coworkers are amazing. We’re like a big happy family”

Chris Sommers

Chris Sommers, Barista
“The thing I like most about DaCapo is how well we are integrated with our community.”

Cole Ellsworth, Barista
I enjoy working at DaCapo because its an environment that makes everyone feel like they can be themselves and escape from a world full of labels and stereotypes.”

Leah Thomas, Barista
“I enjoy working at DaCapo because I love interacting with all the regulars who come in day after day.”

Debbie Still, Cookie Baker Artist
“I like working at DaCapo because I enjoy the chatter & laughter of our regular customers :)”

Kaylie Murphy, Barista
“I like to work at DaCapo because the people there are like family to me.”

Brooke Aey, Barista
“I enjoy working at DaCapo because you meet new people everyday and make sure they start their day with coffee and big smile!”

Hanna Ickes, Barista
“I love working at DaCapo because of all the lovely people that come into the shop! I also enjoy using my creativity to create beautiful cakes and pastries.”

Nicole Perkins, Baker

Alex Ondrus, Barista
“I enjoy working at DaCapo because the coworkers are fun and I get to help people make it through their day.”

Sydney Lent, Barista
“I am excited about working at DaCapo because I love coffee and I love to bake all sorts of sweet treats.

Karen Fowley, Barista
“Great coffee, great food and fabulous people! Whats not to love about DaCapo”